Naperville Illinois

Window Screen Repair

Screen mesh options


Choose the right screen mesh for your needs.

Light weight screen mesh has an open and porous weave that allows for great air flow and more day light. 

Heavy stronger screen mesh will conversely be much more restrictive in air flow and light. 

So keep it light weight unless screen strength is the bigger concern.

Standard Weight - Lightweight, tough and durable with .11 thread and 18x16 screen mesh. Standard screen mesh lightly filters the sunlight and allows good airflow. Standard mesh is typically used for window screens.

Heavy Duty - Features a sturdy .13 thread and 18x14 mesh. Heavy Duty Fiberglass Screen mesh is 30% stronger than Standard Weight mesh and is ideal large windows, doors, patio and gazebo screen. Heavy Duty filters about 60% of sun light and still allows good airflow.  

Super Screen - This Pet Resistant screen boasts .018 Polyester thread woven in a super tough 17x13 screen mesh. Super Screen has much greater strength, durability and will last much longer than typical fiberglass thread screen fabrics. Super Screen is a great choice for doors patios when strength and durability is most important. Super Screen filters more sunlight and reduces air flow more than lightweight screen fabrics. 

Super Screen is fairly indestructible! Recommended for high traffic doors.


No screen is child proof! 

Window and door screens are designed to keep insects and bugs out of your home. Screens will not stop a determined child or your pet from getting through a screen door or keep them from falling out of an open window. Keep young children and your pets away from open doors and windows.